Security Identity Event Management

SEER SIEM is our own product developed after considering various competitive products in the market. SEER provided all the necessary features, functionalities and performance as compared to standard tools in the market. It is a product well suited for Medium to Large Enterprises at affordable price. Our claim to go below 50% in cost as compared to other leading products can only be proven when you deal with us. We have also coupled Managed Security Services along with SEER so for small companies who cannot afford to manage a SIEM system on premises we provide a SOC center based services with our SOC located in UK.

  • Technical Specification Of Security Operation Centre
  • Supported Application And Devices
  • Predefined Report List
  • Model & Components
  • Deployment Scheduling

Technical Specification Of Security Operation Centre

Occurrence of security incidents is inevitable in organizations computer networks. Hence different methods are required for detecting and eliminating security events. To achieve this goal, one of the basic strategies which is suggested is to create a security operations center in the organization. Security operation center is a place that collects and stores diverse security events and information of assets of an organization. SOC detects important security incidents by analysis of collected data, and then prioritizes them and finally present relevant guidelines for responding them.

Due to differences between organizations and networks, a security operation center should be customized based on the organization situations. This document explains some specifications of the Tech4UK Limited solution for security operation center. In the next page, conceptual architecture and components of the system are shown that data flow is presented in it.

More features of the components will be explained that includes:

AShields 4D Authenticator is a Passwordless and OTP Free solution that can be integrated with Mobile SDK or APIs to enable Single Click Registration and Clickless Authentication in the background. The 4D authenticator uses Spatial Cryptography with advanced AI/ML algorithms to secure your product or service. A crypto share with unique information is split up and merged at runtime to ensure the true user is attempting to access the product or service. The 4DAuthenticator provides multi-device access by creating a unique set of crypto shares per device but also gives the user the power to enable a primary device to control the account .

  • Network Intrusion detection sensor
  • Network traffic flow analysis sensor
  • Event Collector
  • Correlation & response engine Services Images
  • Graphical user interface
  • Device Management
  • Support services