Optimization and Performance

RF Planning Tools

We provide a range of RF Planning tools from 2G to 5G networks, microwave radio planning, traffic and connectivity planning, AFP, ACP in a flexible standalone to networking based licenses. We can provide you the best pricing flexibility and full end to end solution including Digital Maps, model tuning and managed services. You can find RF Planning tools for mobile networks easily as there are few selected players only in this domain, the value we add is to provide you the same solution as much better prices.

Geo location Optimization Solution

In the era of Covid-19 you don’t want your staff to spend more time on streets to drive test networks. We provide state of art all vendor compatible Geo location solution for optimization, hot spot detection and traffic analysis with unmatched accuracy of location. Now you can point out precise which spots in your network are dead, blind and for what reason. We are integrated with all leading vendor RAN solution call traces and support Geo location analysis for 5G, 4G, 3G and even 2G networks.

Deep Packet Inspection

DPI is gaining more popularity as operators need more targeted pricing plans based on applications usage and at the same time they want to extract more usage information to provide feeds to their Valued Added services, customer experience management (CEM) systems. At Tech4UK we have developed our own Mobile Operator specific DPI platform enriching data collected by state of art DPI engines. By enriching data we have build application packs for various standard and as well non standard localized applications. We can customize data extraction for any Application by just getting PCAP traces.

Network Probes

Probing solutions a used by Telco’s for troubleshooting network and user experience problems. Many operators even till date in developing countries do not have any probing solution due to costs involved in deployment of these solutions. Tech4UK has custom developed our own low cost probing solution with a dynamic dashboard and application modules like Network Performance monitoring, end to end call tracing, customer experience and much more. We don’t claim to be No 1 in probing business but we do feel proud to say that we have most affordable probing solutions which meets the essential requirements.