Network Solution

We deal with partners who provide state of art complete suite of Network discovery, performance management, data intelligence and Customer Experience management solution. The solutions are flexible, scalable and have been deployed with Tier 1 operators globally. As a company we believe in first convincing you our value proposition before we strike a deal. You can go for the full suite to get an overall experience on how efficiently you can manage your Mobile Network Operations or you can even take modules specific to you interest. Just call us so we can interact further with presentations, demos and even trials.Our solutions are categorized as Network Centric, Customer Centric or Site Centric

Our Network Centric Products consist of Configuration-, Performance- and Asset-Management products, services and solutions. Our Network Centric offerings are designed to transparently Monitor, Audit, Control and Automate functions and elements across all major mobile technologies (2G, 3G, 4G) across multi-domains (RAN, TX, CS-Core, PS-Core, IP-Core*), independent of the equipment vendor.

NetCM is a configuration management product that provides visibility, highlights inconsistencies in parameter configurations and allows for corrections to be made (automated or semi-automated)

NetPM is a Key Performance Indicator Management product that allows you to monitor KPIs and Revenue Trends in a network. It is focussed at management and engineering and can provide a correlation between configuration changes and network performance.