• Refurbished Telco Equipment purchase and sale
  • Recycling
  • Asset Management

Refurbished Telco Equipment Purchase and Sale

We can help you sell off your used Telco equipment at a good price. We have global facilities for recycling as well as refurbishment of equipment of various brands like Ericsson, Nokia, NSN, Alcatel Lucent, Huawei, Cisco, Juniper and more.

We also sell refurbished Telecom equipment to operators who need to carry out mass scale technology roll outs and have low budget to buy expensive new products. All the refurbished equipment sold comes with our warranty and limited support. So if you are looking for low cost spares of Telecom and specifically 3G, 4G, 5G mobile networks and even full units at affordable prices just give us a call or message us.


As Telecom networks grow, the assets also grow. Certain assets of older technologies, product models can be sold out and reused by other developing networks and this is a service which we provide to buy and resell used equipment. But certain equipment cannot be reused or resold which takes up your storage costs and management costs of assets.

We offer a comprehensive recycling service with complete audit reporting meeting all local and international standards and compliances. We have strategic partnerships with global recycling businesses ensuring environmental management across the recycling process. Our recycling services are available globally. If you are looking for a partner to handle and manage all elements of your surplus assets, whether is resale or recycle then Tech4UK is capable to provide you a turnkey solution delivery high values and efficiency.

Asset Management

Telco’s are always under ongoing pressure on expansions , cost control and quality of service. Expansions are always recommended vendors for quality improvements but is there a thorough check if the network assets are completely utilized. The visibility on assets is very limited and spread across various departments. The finance department controlling the budget has very limited visibility to investments done in field and they rely on project

To address this challenge the operators need a solution that provides:

  • Automated and continuous tracking and correlation between discovered assets and FAR.
  • Full visibility of network assets already deployed.
  • Auto discovery of newly deployed assets can be used for payment vendor payment milestones and capitalization of assets.

IT Infrastructure

Tech4UK has the expertise in sourcing, supplying and supporting IT infrastructure equipment from reputed brands at the best possible price. With our long term partnerships with various brands our sourcing team can help you in sourcing original with warrant products with reliability and lowest price guarantee. We specialize in certain specific brands like. Over past few years we have supplied servers, switches, routers, firewalls in hundreds. So just try out once and see what best you can get out of us.