Ashield – OTT Authentication

Existing Solution and Challenges

Existing Solution

The goal of authentication is to ensure users accessing services or products are who they say they are. Passwords, SMS OTPs, Captchas, Biometrics, and Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions are some of the many existing solutions in the market that aim to achieve this goal. Unfortunately, these solutions are easily hackable or have vulnerabilities that render the solution ineffective.


Passwords have been well documented to be one of the worst solutions as they can either be programmatically solved or can be found in darknet databases from data leaks from other digital services. A recent dark web audit revealed 15 Billion stolen credentials from 100,000 breaches 1 .SMS OTPs can be stolen with malware or other malicious Man in the Middle attacks, while captchas fail to stop sophisticated BOTs from attempting account take over 2 . Solutions that involve biometric authentication tend not to be 100% accurate but can also be updated remotely leaving legitimate users locked out of their account. While SSO solutions from Facebook and Google provide ease of use for the users, they still use passwords which can be easily hacked or allow hackers to create large volumes of fake accounts that can be coordinated to perform large scale fraud.

AShield Advantage


AShields 4D Authenticator is a Passwordless and OTP Free solution that can be integrated with Mobile SDK or APIs to enable Single Click Registration and Clickless Authentication in the background. The 4D authenticator uses Spatial Cryptography with advanced AI/ML algorithms to secure your product or service. A crypto share with unique information is split up and merged at runtime to ensure the true user is attempting to access the product or service. The 4DAuthenticator provides multi-device access by creating a unique set of crypto shares per device but also gives the user the power to enable a primary device to control the account .


By integrating AShields 4D Authenticator businesses experience:

  • 50% reduction in drop off rates
  • 19% increase in customer acquisition
  • Real-time mobile number verification (true user identity)
  • Saves over 45 seconds during user registration
  • Customizable for critical user interactions
  • Multi-device functionality